Trading platform of the future used through LiveLife

A Centralized token with a global usage through a social interface with content loaded linked applications.

ICO ends in:








$136702.15 Contribution received

$2 mil

$20 mil




Lowest Cost

A Token which is affordable by anyone anywhere.

Safe Contracts

Safety is the key to a good investment.

Fast Blockchain

Transferring from wallet to wallet never been easier and faster.

About Lydian-Lion ICO

We’re giving our users a new way of earning something valuable through our system.The concept is a global progress board linked into few different game-like applications.

The Goal is to connect the whole world through a single interface and make the people collect reward by being human and spend them as they please by benefiting from earlier actions made through or by our system.

So far Lydian Lion spent on researches and development about 1.310.000,00 €

How it Works

Best Features

Rewarding everyone everywhere

Making real life objectives to attain crypto rewards

Product/service offers for rewards

Everything anyone could offer through a system to bring it to the right consumer.

Private data

Every data collected and stored is only accessible by the owner of the account and the owner has full control of what they’re sharing public.

Technology vs. humanity

Forcing human interactions through rewards in our system

Token Details

Token Distribution

Lydian-Lion Token is the buy-in option for every partner to get additional promotion and marketing options and it’s the cash-out solution for every user implemented directly into the user interface.

Token use and market popularity will grow with our system in every way. The Lydian Lion token is a must have for everyone who wants to secure constant earnings through the next years/decades.

Token price = 0.001 €/0.0011 USD

Buy Token

Fund Distribution


  • Overheads ( system maintain costs )

  • System security

  • Marketing

  • 40%

    Research and development

  • 15%

    Business Development

Token Allocation


  • Lydian-Lion

  • ICO

  • LiveLife

  • 10%

    Campaigns / promotions

  • 10%


Lydian Lion Roadmap

Our team is working constantly to keep everything by plan.

September, 2019

ICO website release

Website release

White Paper release

Token ICO official release

January, 2020

LiveLife User/Partner DB release

LiveLife system presentation

LiveLife ecosystem

LiveLife Database release

March, 2020

LiveLife linked apps release

All official applications name releases

More detailed overview

LiveLife first part release

May, 2020

LL Work release

LiveLife second part release

LL Work release

June, 2020

Real Driver release

LiveLife third part release

Real Driver release

August, 2020

LL Social release

LiveLife fourth part release

LL Social release

October, 2020

LL Culture release

LiveLife fifth part release

LL Culture release

January, 2021

LL Health release

LiveLife sixth part release

LL Health release

February, 2021

LL Artist release part1

LiveLife seventh part release

LL Artist first part release

April, 2021

LL Artist release part2

LiveLife eight part release

LL Artist second part release

June, 2021

LL Recycle release

LiveLife ninth part release

LL Recycle release

November, 2021

Hardware manufacturing

Hardware development and distribution

Frequently Asked Questions

ERC20 is a protocol standard that defines certain rules and standards for issuing tokens on Ethereum's network. In 'ERC20', ERC stands for Ethereum Request For Comments and 20 stands for a unique ID number to distinguish this standard from others.

Most crypto systems are just another option to exchange valuable tokens and coins to most common human invented money systems. Lydian Lion is presenting a new platform which will rather focus on living life than focus on material goods.

It is the base mother currency in the whole Live Life system, which is developed to earn everything and anything by living your life. Through our platform and the crypto world, the usage and popularity of Lydian Lion token will define itself by time and future uses are integrated into each of our systems.

In general, every investment is a waiting process in some way, so is Lydian Lion. Developing this project from the start was a big machine that is constantly working something, researching and going forward. Sky's the limit, but also we are into that old one "Who is flying high, he is falling low". Balance is the key!

During the ICO there will be ways to earn some additional tokens, everything will be published on our official network profiles, most up to date news you will always find on our website.

Everybody! That is the point, it's in a way limitless in a positive way! For everyone who’s not that familiar with the crypto world, we will provide decent support and help to start up. It’s new, it’s different and everyone should have the ability to make use of the technological advantage which is provided by a blockchain.

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While #LydianLion new whitepaper and website are pending,

you can take a glimpse of our brand new Pitch Deck, along with our new team!


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Our brand new whitepaper will be released within the next week's. Stay tuned as we dive into #LydianLion depths!

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Greetings world,

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Lydian Lion How to's

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Lydian Lion

  • 15 May 2019

coming soon...

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Lydian Lion

  • 14 May 2019

A Centralized token with a global usage trought a social interface with content loaded linked applications.

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Lydian Lion

  • 14 May 2019

Lydian Lion is giving you the gateway of the future.

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