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1 Lydian Lion = 0.0011 $

1 Lydian Lion = 0.001 €

Immutable & Scalable
Stellar Blockchain

Tiny fees - Instant Payments

Anonymous peer2peer transactions, redeeming LL rewards into merchants or exchanging them for Lydian Lion

Lydian Lion is going to be a unique incentive for literally every single individual who is surfing the Internet and owns a mobile device. Lydian Life will introduce and passively enforce a golden quote by modern sociologists - “offline is the next luxury”!

Our LL decentralized application is being designed to offer a plethora of activity rewards to its users, with a simple ultimate goal on each respective case – become more & more indepenadent from the mobiles’ screens, through empowering and building healthier inter- personal relations, thus reviving our society into healthy humanitarian levels again.

In a synopsis, the user will earn virtual points or tokens within the platform via actively pursuing kind actions and social interaction, then he’ll be able either to redeem those in exchange for services/products within LL dApp, or even exchange them on a stable ratio with Lydian Lion coins in crypto exchanges in order to withdraw the amount. Our Lydian Life Alpha dApp version will be available within the next weeks after the successful completion of the private sales period. MVP will be able to support up to 150,000 real users from day 1.

Token Allocation

Fund Distribution

Q4 2019

Presale start and Swap from ERC20 to Stellar blockchain

Website and Announcement changes

Official Team reconstruction

Public presentation

Q1 2020

ICO start

Developing and promoting Lydian Life Platform. Focus on distribution of LLion Tokens during ICO creating base for the platform release and maintenance through legal structures and management.

Q2 2020

Presenting further Lydian Life updates and releasing the official user and partner database to the public with a few apps for first effective use of the Tokens

Q3 2020

Additional platform upgrade releases and Support center for LL Work assisting partners to use the platform more efficient and place their product on the platform.

Q4 2020

6 apps connected and effectively used by partners and users through the Lydian Life platform. Management for different Buy-in and Pay-out options for different countries around the world.

Q1 2021

Handling of existing and future partnerships through the Lydian life platform. Final changes to public platform and introduction to project LL Artist to the users and partners.

Q2 2021

Presenting and launching of all real-world connected services and offers from Lydian Lion that are effective related to the Lydian Life platform. Introduction to project Lydian tech, blockchain meets nature.

Q4 2021

Introducing the Lydian tech hardware for Lydian Life platform usage for users. Finalizing all public and legal structures to round up the Lydian Lion ecosystem.


Leon Soljic - CEO & Founder

In-depth expertise of the traditional banking and traditional market industry. Web developer who built several pending global patents. Humanitarian, environmental activist, citizen of the world.

Tasos Oureilidis – COO

After a successful international career by 23 on traditional market sectors, Tasos entered the crypto ecosystem full time over the last 2 years, with more than 12 projects actively involved with , mostly on a C-level position. Crypto-advocate who specializes on OTC block trading, growth hacking and institutional partnerships.

Stevan Anojčić – Lydian Life Manager

Stevan has a wide digital portfolio in terms of engaging content and communication methods with his audience. His academic background ensure that he can preach and transmit the Lydian Life legacy effectively among our community members.

Spyros Kekos – CIO

Spyros characterized by diligence, discipline, persistence and ambition to achieve every goal that is set. He applies all his personal characteristics to create the best community engagement

Rommel Santos - CTO

Is an experienced Blockchain technical expert with more than 10 years of research and development practice.
In addition to active advisory position at LydianLife, Sadek currently working in a project involving identity and blockchain technology

Pedro Ogbonna - CCO

An enthusiastic young man who is always committed and passionate about his job. Initiated market research studies and analyzed findings. Analyzed third-party data and investigated new growth opportunities. Skilled Support Specialist with a broad base of experience in technical support and operations. Excellent knowledge of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Tech.


Jeff Caceres - Advisor

He is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast, advocate and speaker in universities, organizations and communities in the Philippines and various countries. He is also working as an event coordinator in Metamorph Pro exchange, the current Chief Public Information Officer of Byzbit, and the Chief Stra-tegic Officer of Unifinity.

Hamza Khan- Advisor

Blockchain expert and ico analyst having 5-year experience in the crypt° world. Expert in Stellar Blockchain and worked with many icos and help them reach a successful position in the market. Helped many non-ico projects to get their com-munities and to be well known among the Stellar Platform. In contact with exchanges worldwide fo ico listings.

Sean Brizendine - Advisor

Over 7+ years of experience researching Bitcoin and Block-chain technology. Was rated 5+ POD by CryptoAsian in 2014 and is a Certified IIB Council Blockchain Professional and Advisor plus an EC Council University Blockchain Cyber Talk Series Instructor.

Rubab Arshad - Advisor

A Crypto Advisor enthusiast looking to bring significant con-tributions to the crypt° community by partnering with top-line investors. She help founders prototype, builds & launch innovative products. She combines tech know-how with busi-ness and marketing to deliver projects together with globally distributed team.

Daryl Naidoo - Advisor

bserver, Free Thinker, Cryptonaut, Domain Investor, Entrepre-neur, Martial Artist, Perpetual Student Of Life. I'm a firm be-liever that blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt the balance of power. It has the ability to take the power away from the minority and place it in the hands of the majority.

Navdeep Garg - Advisor

СOO, Chief Operational Officer, 2 years as Programming , 8 years as CEO of Revinfotech



Updates, Lydian Beta and extensions

  • 02 Mar 2020
Because of recent heavy DDoD attacks on our website we moved Lydian Life beta test files to another server. Our hosting service for the ICO website and tok...

DDoS attack - CEO article link

  • 02 Feb 2020
Token verfication files and user data was not affected in any way, token is still tradeable and available on the market. "Your website lydian-...

Trustlines, Distribution and Development

  • 23 Jan 2020
Starting with trustlines add giveaway, everyone is credited 2500 LLion instead of the 1000 LLion announced, the bonus is for early contribution to the proj...

DEX market, partners and giveaways

  • 29 Dec 2019
For a short time there are Lydian Lion tokens on Stellar DEX listed for 75% off the pre-ICO price so everyone who wants to join on LLion holding can spare ...

Stellar to Fiat money connections

  • 18 Dec 2019
Most consumers nowadays don't trust crypto assets just because they miss out most linked platforms to existing Fiat money. Fiat money is a currency wit...

Start trading LLion in Stellar

  • 04 Dec 2019
Lydian Lion Token ( LLion ) Live on exchanges for a pre-ICO price of 0.01 XLM Exchange links: Lobstr mobile wallet & Exchange Stellarport.io ...

Pre-ICO, dates and Stellar connection

  • 02 Dec 2019
After huge delays during the official release of our project and the start of the ICO, we're ready to face the crypto world with our products which wil...

Lydian Lion website updates

  • 01 Dec 2019
Lydian Lion has gone a long way so far and the platform development has made some progress towards public release. there is still left a lot more to do sin...

Lydian Lion Token Bounty Campaign

  • 13 Nov 2019
Bounty campaing on bitcointalk.org starting November 18th.

Cryptocurrencies - not investment only

  • 25 Sep 2019
Since we started to share some news about cryptocurrencies to give people a basic overview of them, we’ll proceed with it in a rather simple way. Mos...

Cryptocurrency - Basics

  • 22 Sep 2019
Cryptocurrency is an internet-based medium of exchange which uses cryptographical functions to conduct financial transactions. Similar to how bank transact...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most crypto systems are just another option to exchange valuable tokens and coins to most common human invented money systems. Lydian Lion is presenting a new platform which will rather focus on living life than focus on material goods.

It is the base mother currency in the whole Live Life system, which is developed to earn everything and anything by living your life. Through our platform and the crypto world, the usage and popularity of Lydian Lion token will define itself by time and future uses are integrated into each of our systems.

In general, every investment is a waiting process in some way, so is Lydian Lion. Developing this project from the start was a big machine that is constantly working something, researching and going forward. Sky's the limit, but also we are into that old one "Who is flying high, he is falling low". Balance is the key!

During the ICO there will be ways to earn some additional tokens, everything will be published on our official network profiles, most up to date news you will always find on our website.

Everybody! That is the point, it's in a way limitless in a positive way! For everyone who’s not that familiar with the crypto world, we will provide decent support and help to start up. It’s new, it’s different and everyone should have the ability to make use of the technological advantage which is provided by a blockchain.