Cryptocurrencies - not investment only

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25 Sep 2019

Since we started to share some news about cryptocurrencies to give people a basic overview of them, we’ll proceed with it in a rather simple way. Most people think that cryptocurrencies are all about investment and mining, but, since the crypto market has grown in the past few years and different Coins and Tokens grew in value, now there are options to obtain them for different online and real-life tasks.

We will give a few examples with some referral links since most of such systems use a referral system similar to the one we have made for our ICO promotion over our website.

One of the most popular faucet websites is

They mostly promote BTC as a currency on the web and have a simple interface which allows people to claim a faucet every hour. Also, they have a gambling system with lots of features to obtain different prices which makes it attractive to different sorts of users.

Next example is a website which has a wallet connecting a reward system based on advertising space they offer on their faucet websites, so here’s a list of the supported websites:

BitFun faucet

Bonus BitCoin faucet

BitCoin faucet

Dogecoin faucet

Dashcoin faucet

Litecoin faucet

BitcoinCash faucet

They offer a wallet which connects the above faucets into one dashboard with additional features to increase your balance, they also have an exchange feature for all supported coins and tokens which you can easily manage from .

Since cryptocurrencies are getting more popular on the world wide web past years a lot of fraud and scam system have been placed online and a lot of people are abusing the uninformed clients, every user should check the legality of a website before use. Therefore a system was made to make it easier for people to find trustworthy websites

They have a simple overview of all coins/tokens listed onto their website and they are the “middleman” between the websites offering free coins/tokens and the end-user. So mostly every payout is going first to their website interface and afterward is paid out to the user's chosen wallet.

The most popular website from  is Cointiply which made an own payout system with time but they still have a connection though.

There is plenty more system which gives out different types of crypto assets but mentioning these few should be enough for someone to understand that the crypto world is not only about investment and the exchanges. “Money” can be obtained in different ways and in most cases, it only consumes your time. So if someone is willing to spend some time on it he can be rewarded and make out some profit from his time spent.