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01 Dec 2019

Lydian Lion has gone a long way so far and the platform development has made some progress towards public release. there is still left a lot more to do since the swap to Stellar blockchain is in progress and we’ll be having the pre-ICO sale over Stellar exchanges additionally to our website.

One of our partners, Quest Global technology is in charge of reworking our website to full functionality using the Stellar blockchain smart contract for safe purchase of our tokens through the website login dashboard. KYC approval will be optional for everyone who wants to buy a share of the tokens available.

New Lydian Lion website with all features working and up to date will be finished December 6th 2019 latest. Everything regarding Stellar blockchain swap is handled by professional blockchain developers:

Quest Global Technologies (Quest GLT) is an Information Technology company which is working on SMAC Technologies. SMAC is an acronym for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. Quest GLT provides end-to-end solutions to corporate and individuals with a high degree of focus on accuracy, precision, cost-adequacy, timeliness and application value.


Alok Agrawal, Co-Founder and Director at Quest Global Technologies and Pwave Technologies. Helped 20+ ICOs,5 Healthcare Products-1 amongst TOP in Healthcare Innovation in Africa region, A couple of Blockchain Products. Featured in

Heena has a Bachelor degree in Engineering from Medicaps University. She is brilliant at client requirements and implementation. She is adept at learning new technologies and can handle multiple projects at a time. Currently Heena is our Project Manager with a focus on Blockchain integration in marketplace. She has a strong belief that Blockchain technology has to solve real world problems with accessible to wider society.

Amrata is one of the Ethereum certified Blockchain specialists and she’s also a Certified Node.js, Angular 6 and Web3.js Application Developer. Besides her technical knowledge, Amrata has strong communication and interpersonal skills. Amrata is the Senior Blockchain Developer with a focus on new challenges.

Priyanka is a senior software Quality Assurance engineer specializing in manual and automation testing of Blockchain technology. She is a specialist in testing Block and Chain size, Data Transmission, Data Encryption and Decryption, Security, load and performance testing. She is passionate about applying top-end solutions and software testing engineering patterns in order to find complex problems.

The swap details from ERC20 tokens to Stellar blockchain tokens will be e-mailed to all contributors and holders of LLion. All ERC20 LLion will be burned and useless in the future for all developments and releases of Lydian Lion.