Pre-ICO, dates and Stellar connection

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02 Dec 2019

After huge delays during the official release of our project and the start of the ICO, we're ready to face the crypto world with our products which will line up in the coming days in different ways. To start with something common in the crypto world, here are the details for the Stellar token:

Our project didn't have a lot of pre-investors so we collected during the development of the blockchain and our researches less than 100 000 €. To continue with crypto-related announcements, the pre-ICO sale is about to be started through decentralized exchange and we’ll have our tokens there for all interested buyers through exchange.

Within this week we’ll be listed on 2 more exchanges to distribute our tokens for the pre-ICO and ICO.


7,500,000,000 Lydian Lion Tokens will be available during the Pre-ICO for a -50% discount ( 1 LLion = 0.00055 $ ).

The Pre-ICO is 2 months starting from 01.12.2019. And end 01.02.2020.


Up to 70% of Lydian Lion Tokens will be available for 4 months starting from 01.02.2020. And end 01.06.2020.

Up to 25% of Lydian Lion Tokens will be available for -35% discount ( 1 LLion = 0.000715 $ )

Up to 50% of Lydian Lion Tokens will be available for -25% discount ( 1 LLion = 0.000825 $ )

Up to 25% of Lydian Lion Tokens will be available for -10% discount ( 1 LLion = 0.00099 $ )

Some tokens will be listed with a -60% discount at the start of the pre-ICO.

The swap to Stellar blockchain wouldn’t be possible without the help of our partners and advisors who joined recently to the project:

Hamza Khan, Blockchain expert and ico analyst having 5-year experience in the crypto world. And an expert in Stellar Blockchain and worked with many icos and help them reach a successful position in the market. And also helped many non-ico projects to get their communities and to be well known among the Stellar Platform. And also in contact with many well-known exchanges for listing the projects after their successful ico.

Rubab Arshad, A Crypto Advisor enthusiast looking to bring significant contributions to the crypto community by partnering with top-line investors. She help founders prototype, builds & launch innovative products. She combines tech know-how with business and marketing to deliver projects together with globally distributed teams. One of the Leading ICO Adviser with in-depth knowledge and expertise in Cryptocurrency markets, Experienced in handling all marketing, technology, legal and capital raising to ensure a secure and successful ICO.

Regarding our "micro-projects" ( they ain't that small as it sounds ) check our whitepaper for some basic information, and sign up for our newsletter to get early developing information first hand. We will partly release our macro-economy system following our roadmap and present our researches and breakthroughs which we achieved lately.

And to end with the beginning, Lydian Lion is known as one of the earliest coins which have been used as a currency for exchanges. According to most information, the original Lydian Lion coins were created sometime around 600 BC in Lydia. Lydia was an ancient country in a western region of the country of Turkey today.

We decided to take Lydian Lion to the modern age and give it a crypto alter-ego. Bringing back Lydian Lion as a digital token on the Stellar blockchain will be the first step towards a new platform for rewarding social interactions..

The main point is to be human and to act like a human on every step you take through life. We need to have a clear view of what we are and what’s good for us to know and to respect everything else around us.

We hope to gather a healthy community with time which will support and follow us through our development.