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29 Dec 2019

For a short time there are Lydian Lion tokens on Stellar DEX listed for 75% off the pre-ICO price so everyone who wants to join on LLion holding can spare some XLM and for the price of only 0.0025 XLM/LLion buy a limited number of tokens.

In a few days the market price will go back up to 50% of the pre-ICO price through the DEX and smaller sell offers will be created around 100 XLM to give traders and holders an easy buying option to hold on LLion during the pre-ICO.

All tokens that were not sold during the pre-ICO will go to the ICO price on DEX and over private contribution. Private contributors can still contact or any of our market associates during the pre-ICO to get additional bonus in LLion.

Weekly Giveaways from our partners

To qualify for the giveaways a LLion trustline on your Stellar wallet in order to receive tokens has to be created. All giveaway conditions are directly set from the partners. Lydian Lion does only token distribution once a week by getting the wallet list from the partners side.

Youtube - NomadFury

Jeff Caceres - He is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast, advocate and speaker in universities, organizations and communities in the Philippines and various countries. He is also working as an event coordinator in Metamorph Pro exchange, the current Chief Public Information Officer of Byzbit, and the Chief Stra-tegic Officer of Unifinity.

Twitch - Shacocain3

Ivica Djoric - A streamer from Serbia, playing league of legends. Entertaining through interactions with the chat and community through his social networks. New crypto enthusiast and youtuber publisher of streaming videos. Growing his community and making progress daily in a wide area of social networking.

Market update and additional releases on Lydian Lion about to get live with the start of 2020. Stay tuned and remember to share our official channels for news updates and join the pre-ICO by getting early hold of LLIon tokens.