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23 Jan 2020

Starting with trustlines add giveaway, everyone is credited 2500 LLion instead of the 1000 LLion announced, the bonus is for early contribution to the project by having a share of the tokens during the pre-ICO period. The trustline giveaway will be extended until the February 15th 2020. So everyone who wants still some free tokens for adding a trustline on to their Stellar wallet will still have the chance to receive free 1000 LLion by sending a confirmation email to containing the Stellar address with the trustline added at the beginning of march 2020.

The financial contribution over the Stellar DEX exchange is still low so everyone who wants to invest into crypto currency in general is invited to use any of the Stellar DEX platforms to get some XLM and contribute to Lydian Lion through the exchanges. Since our project is still in the pre-ICO phase everyone is advised to hold on the tokens during the whole ICO period to have a raise on token value by more contribution and market use of the token during the set periods of our roadmap and all future releases under Lydian Lion.

For the rest of the pre-ICO period we’ll relist most tokens on the DEX to adapt to recent market price changes. Most discounted tokens won’t be available anymore to give all early contributors over the DEX a head start in market value for LLion. 

Distribution of giveaways from our partners is ongoing weekly as they share us the wallet information for have a look at our partners and check on social media to not miss an opportunity to get some free LLion tokens during the giveaway period.

Our development team is currently extending on different sub-projects to generate some income and raise crypto awareness to some potential investors to the project. Our project base is to educate people and give them access to money assets over our platform so we will focus on bringing news for rewards and create different tasks over simple applications to start with something to attract more people to our project and hopefully get enough contribution to move on with our main platform development.

The interface will also contain all ongoing promotion and giveaway information about lydian Lion, there are a lot of inquiries we get about ongoing promotions and people usually make the mistake to only look up one source to get information that is mostly outdated. 


Feel free to contribute to lydian Lion and join any of our active promotions such as:

  • Up to 80% discount at 

  • Up to 200% bonus on LLion tokens through private contribution over or any of our market associates

  • Lydian Life early bird partner ( refer to whitepaper )

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