Updates, Lydian Beta and extensions

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02 Mar 2020

Because of recent heavy DDoD attacks on our website we moved Lydian Life beta test files to another server. Our hosting service for the ICO website and token sale won’t be enough to handle all needs of our platform so we’re moving through the next month to more stable servers that we’re testing out through our Lydian Life beta program.


Bitcointalk Bounty Campaign

The bounty campaign is extended until June 13th 2020. Another 200 mil LLion added to the bounty reward, additional Stakes for all participants who were active on the bounty campaign during the pre-ICO time.

Stakes will be manually checked once more after bounty campaign has ended and distribution is going to be after July 1st 2020.

Official bounty group has been split from main Lydian Lion Community Channel so for bounty discussion please join https://t.me/LydianLionBounty


ICO extension

ICO has been extended for another month due to development delay and recent DDoS attacks that made us additional trouble lately. A lot of contributors still seem not to understand our goals through Lydian Lion Global so please read our Whitepaper.


Trustline Giveaway Rebooted

- Add lydian-lion.com trustline onto your Stellar wallet, 

- send your Stellar address to trustline@lydian-lion.com 

- get 1500 Lion credited to your wallet.

The trustline giveaway will be active until April 1st 2020.


Pre-ICO Stellar Wallet Closing Details

- 5 mil LLion ( 0.1 % ) burned

- 2 bil LLion transferred to Lydian Life wallet

- 2 bil LLion transferred to Marketing wallet

- 2 bil LLion transferred to Public Sale wallet

- 1 bil LLion transferred to team wallet

ICO is live and Stellar DEX prices have been updated for the ICO stage, further listings will be announced during the ICO.


Lydian Lion Education

Lydian Lion started an education program around the globe. Classes for general crypto education and first steps into the crypto world should make the first steps for everyone smooth and easy. To join our education program and spread the word around contact toni.taraba@lydian-lion.com


Lydian Life Beta

Everyone who’s interested in a peak behind the scenes of Lydian Lion and want a first close view of our platform can sign up to become a beta tester. To apply for Lydian Life beta please send a email to beta@lydian-lion.com containing:

- Name and Surname

- Stellar wallet address ( with LLion trustline added )


Feel free to share our project through the bounty campaign stake bonuses or on a private basis. Every additional promotion or awareness of the project is contribution to the project in one way. Further Giveaways and rewards through websites and apps will be released during the ICO so stay tuned for more Lydian Lion updates.