Terms & Conditions

Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimers

Token Specifications

The Lydian Lion team is aware of potential risks associated with a decentralized networking platform and the associated tokens. As of the date of publication of this Whitepaper, Lydian Lion Tokens have no known potential uses outside of the Lydian Lion reach and are not permitted to be sold or otherwise traded on third-party exchanges. This Whitepaper does not constitute advice nor a recommendation by Lydian Lion, its officers, directors, managers, employees, agents, advisors or contractors, or any other person to the recipient of this Whitepaper on the merits of participation in the public contribution offering. Participation in the public contribution offering carries substantial risk and may involve special risks that could lead to a loss of all or a substantial portion of such contributions. Do not participate in the public contribution offering unless you are prepared to lose the entire amount you allocated to contributing in exchange for Lydian Lion Tokens.

Lydian Lion Tokens will provide utility on the Lydian Lion platform. LLion do not represent or constitute any ownership right or stake, share or security, or equivalent rights; nor any right to receive future revenues, dividends, shares, or other form of participation or governance right in or relating to Lydian Lion and any of its affiliated companies. LLion holders may not redeem their tokens on the Lydian Lion platform and/or otherwise with Lydian Lion and any of its affiliated companies.

Lydian Lion Tokens are rewarded as a functional good and Lydian Lion shall spend all proceeds received freely and unconditioned as set forth in this Whitepaper.


Lydian Lion Tokens should not be acquired for speculative or investment purposes with the expectation of making a profit or immediate resale. No promises of future performance or value are or will be made with respect to Lydian Lion Tokens, including no promise of inherent value, no promise of continuing payments, and no guarantee that Lydian Lion Tokens will hold any particular value. Unless prospective participants fully understand and accept the nature of Lydian Lion and the potential risks inherent in Lydian Lion Tokens, they should not participate in the public contribution offering. Lydian Lion Tokens are not being structured or sold as securities. They will not be listed on any regulated stock exchange. This Whitepaper nor any other material relating to the Offer, the Lydian Lion platform or Lydian Lion Tokens, has ever been or ever will be filed with regard to legal standards which are not applicable to this token sale.

Therefore, laws and acts that ensure that investors are sold investments that include all the proper disclosures and are subject to regulatory scrutiny for the investors’ protection, are not applicable in this case. Every purchaser of a Lydian Lion Token should seek proper advice in order to understand whether the purchase of tokens is appropriate for them or not.

Holders of Lydian Lion Tokens assume risk when participating in trading activities and such activities have inherent risks. Unforeseen problems could result in the loss of all of a Lydian Lion Token holder’s funds or all of a Lydian Lion Token value.

Holders of Lydian Lion Tokens understands and accepts that Lydian Lion may launch or participate in other projects supported by unaffiliated third parties, under which Lydian Lion Tokens will have no value.

No Liability

Lydian Lion and any of its affiliated companies, cannot be held liable for any losses related to Lydian Lion Tokens.

Any information in the Whitepaper is provided for general information purposes only and Lydian Lion does not provide any warranty as to the accuracy and completeness of this information. All information here that is forward looking is speculative in nature and may change in response to numerous outside forces, including technological innovations, regulatory factors, and/or currency fluctuations, including but not limited to the market value of cryptocurrencies.Unless expressly specified otherwise, the products, services and innovations detailed in this Whitepaper are currently under development and are not currently deployed. The authors of this Whitepaper and all persons associated with its publication specifically make no warranties or representations as to the successful development, implementation or deployment of any technologies and innovations, or achievements of any other activities noted in this Whitepaper. The authors of this White Paper and all persons associated with the preparation and/or publication of this Whitepaper each disclaim to the fullest extent permitted by law any and all warranties implied by law.

The authors of the White Paper and all persons associated with the preparation and/or publication of this Whitepaper do not have any responsibility or liability to any personal recipient (whether by reason of negligence, negligent misstatement or otherwise), arising from any statement, opinion or information expressed or implied, arising out of, or contained in, or derived from, or omission from this Whitepaper. Neither the authors nor its advisers have independently verified any of the information, including the forecasts, prospects and projections contained in this paper. The authors of the White Paper and all persons associated with the preparation and/or publication of this Whitepaper do not accept any liability that may arise out of any information contained or implied in this Whitepaper.


Any Lydian Lion Tokens shall be stored in the Holder’s Ethereum wallet, which may be accessed by the Holder using a combination of the Holder’s account information and private key or password. It is your responsibility not to lose your tokens by losing access to the keys that allow access to your wallet and/or allowing malicious third parties to access your keys and/or your wallet. You acknowledge and understand that in case of theft or loss of the private key or password the Lydian Lion Tokens associated with the respective wallet will be unrecoverable and will be permanently lost. Lydian Lion does not have any access to the password(s) of any Holder’s wallet.


You acknowledge and understand that the Smart Contract, the underlying software application and the Ethereum blockchain is still under development and yet unproven. The Ethereum blockchain is prone to periodic congestion during which transactions can be delayed or lost. Individuals may also intentionally spam the Ethereum network in an attempt to gain an advantage in purchasing tokens.

You acknowledge and understand that Ethereum block producers may not include your transaction when you want or your transaction may not be included at all. Tokens may be subject to expropriation and/or theft. Lydian Lion does not manage or in other way have access to the Lydian Lion Tokens that are stored on the Holder’s own wallet and shall have no liability in any events related to the Lydian Lion Tokens owned by the Holder.

Hackers or other malicious groups or organizations may attempt to interfere with the Lydian Lion distribution or the tokens in a variety of ways, by attacking the Smart Contract, the Ethereum blockchain or the Lydian Lion and associate companies products. Such attacks include, but are not limited to, denial of service attacks, double-spending attacks, majority attacks, Sybil attacks, “selfish mining” attacks, race condition attacks, malware attacks or phishing.

Furthermore, you acknowledge and understand that due to the fact that the Ethereum platform rests on open source software and tokens are based on open source software, there is the risk that Ethereum smart contracts may contain intentional or unintentional vulnerabilities, bugs or weaknesses which may negatively affect the Lydian Lion Token or result in the loss of your Lydian Lion Tokens, the loss of your ability to access or control your Lydian Lion Tokens or the loss of ETH in your account. In the event of such a software vulnerability, bug or weakness, there may be no remedy and holders of Lydian Lion Tokens are not guaranteed any remedy, refund or compensation.

Regulatory Considerations

Lydian Lion is not a financial intermediary and is not required to obtain any authorization for Anti-Money Laundering purposes. This qualification may change in case Lydian Lion will offers services which are to be considered as qualifying a financial intermediation activity. In this case, the use of in case Lydian Lion’s services may require the positive conclusion of an AML/KYC identification process.

Regulatory authorities are carefully scrutinizing businesses and operations associated with cryptocurrencies in the world. In that respect, regulatory measures, investigations or actions may impact Lydian Lion business and even limit or prevent it from developing its operations in the future. Any person undertaking to acquire Lydian Lion Tokens must be aware that the Lydian Lion business model, the Whitepaper, or Terms & Conditions may change or need to be modified because of new regulatory and compliance requirements according to any applicable laws in any jurisdictions. In such a case, purchasers and anyone undertaking to acquire Lydian Lion Tokens acknowledge and understand that neither Lydian Lion nor any of its affiliates shall be held liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage caused by such changes.


The information below is for general guidance only and it is the sole responsibility of you to inform yourself of, and to observe, all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction. No person has been authorised by Lydian Lion to issue advertisements or to provide any intelligence with regards to the contents of this Whitepaper and, if issued, given or made, such advertisement and/or intelligence must not be trusted as duly authorized by Lydian Lion

You should inform yourself as to: (a) the legal requirements of your own country for the purchase, holding, transfer or other disposal of Lydian Lion Tokens; (b) any foreign exchange restrictions applicable to the purchase, holding, transfer or other disposal of Lydian Lion Tokens that they might encounter; and (c) the income and other tax consequences that may apply in your own country as a result of the purchase, holding, transfer or other disposal of Lydian Lion Tokens. You must rely upon your own representatives, including your own legal advisers and accountants, as to legal, tax or any other related matters concerning Lydian Lion Tokens and a purchase thereof.



This whitepaper has been prepared solely for the purpose of informing potential contributors to the Lydian Lion with respect to a proposed technical implementation of, and architecture for, Lydian Lion.

This whitepaper is non-binding in all respects and does not create any legal obligation of any kind on any person (including the Architect). The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.

The ultimate implementation of the Lydian Lion is dependent upon several factors and risks outside of the control of the Architect, including regulatory risks, contributor participation, the adoption of blockchain technology and the continued use and adoption of the Ethereum network. Nothing in this whitepaper or otherwise shall require the Architect to take any steps to develop or otherwise implement Lydian Lion.

The Architect reserves the right to abandon Lydian Lion and/or to change the implementation of Lydian Lion contemplated by this whitepaper at any time and for any reason. Prospective users of Lydian Lion and other contributors to Lydian Lion are advised to contribute and/or participate at their own risk and without reliance on any statement contained in this whitepaper.